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Welcome to the Spirit Savvy Network ... what we do:

God has prepared a plan just for you. The Spirit Savvy Network helps you to discover and fulfill it. Learn His mission for you and how to empower yourself to accomplish it. This is done first through prayer, tapping into the all-powerful, creative power of God's Spirit. What the Spirit Savvy Network does is train and support you to... live in Spiritual power, advance your mission, and be self-supporting and skilled in doing it.

In this four-fold focus you will...

- Learn the power of prayer and how God's Great Powerful Spirit works with you.
- Discover your mission, refine your mission,  and grow in the Gifts you have  to advance your mission.
- Create the skills to bring in finances needed, and be advanced in personal skills of business... to create what you need for your mission.
- Be a leader and mentor for others to be influential in the marketplace.

You become an empowered missionary in the marketplace that can support your own efforts.
An entrepreneur on a mission stamped by God and His reason for creating you.

What will we do for you to help you do this?  
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