Preparing you mentally, Empowering you Spiritually to be a Five-Star General of the Armies of Heaven to Advance God’s Kingdom in the marketplace. You will be equipped as the overseer of God’s Special Forces advancing the Kingdom of Heaven in your community and city.

An intensive, Spiritual impact program for the focused, entrepreneur missionary in business.

To become a leader in the marketplace, skilled in developing a team of marketplace
missionaries to implant the Kingdom of God in the varied avenues of the marketplace.

The Mission
We all have a calling, a mission of Heavenly proportions to fulfill on earth.
You will become a skilled mentor and discipling leader of others to take the marketplace, build the body of Christ, and establish the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. You will be equipped to form a Special Forces caliber of missionaries in commerce for Building God’s Kingdom where we all work. Plus, you will be tied into a specialized support network, a Spirit Savvy Network, to intercede for and spur each other on to outstanding feats for God’s Kingdom.

The What
Three months of highly focused business recharging through activating a Spiritual  system that will accelerate your mission through your business.

Weekly, you will be provided insight to Spiritual Power Principles, and activating  them.
Applying the best information from the best business-building books.
Blending Spiritual Dynamics and great business principles creating a synergy
to accelerate your business mission, to fulfill the Life purpose you were made for.
With seasoned, skilled assistance in making this work for you.

The How
--Meet weekly via phone for 90 days.
--Each month you will review 5  best-selling biz book summaries,
so you can go straight to the principles to save your time, increase efficiency.
--Plus a bonus of 5 more summaries each month for your future reference.
--Each summary features Spiritual principles from great teachings of the Bible.
--Applying Strategies weekly, setting goals, action steps, deadlines.
--Putting in place the Spiritual dynamics of God's interactive power in your daily activities.
--With a personal training partner/ business facilitator to create strategies along with you, just for you. Along with a prayer partner skilled in living the Power of God’s Spirit in all our actions.

Spiritual resources and application for you; best biz resources, assistance to make it happen.

By Whom
Dale Shumaker is an advanced entrepreneur educator, M.S. in education, in-the-trenches business experiences with a wide range of businesses.
His greatest skill is his Spiritual acumen...
learning the art of prayer and working in harmony with God's Spirit.
Activating principles of the New Testament that accelerated community and commerce
back then, can be applied now. He knows how to be a true business support and resource developer just for you.

Spiritual Partnering is where the power is.
This is the game changer, the factor that is the edge for the
Spirit Savvy Missionary Entrepreneur Accelerator

Featured book summary content

Each of these summaries have a Spiritual concept shared after the summaries. The Spiritual Spins are random, but for your enrichment.

1. Building Business strategies from these books... (first 30 days)

Good to Great ... best selling biz book of the past decade
Build your Own Business ... from Entrepreneur magazine group, mechanics of business
The Big Idea ... making your idea into a functional, profitable business
Now, Build a Great Business ... Brian Tracy's concepts from his life works on making money in business
Rules for Renegades ... entrepreneurs are daring, and the rules to make things happen

Bonus books for your resource library and personal enrichment.
Awaken the Entrepreneur Within ... finding the qualities of an entrepreneur you already have
Go, Put Your Strengths to Work ... methods for finding your strengths and making the most of them
The Most Successful Small Business in the World ... what they do that sets them apart
Cash in a Flash ... mental dynamics and entrepreneur process
Life Entrepreneurs ... it's a lifestyle

2. Getting the business, marketing and sales systems (next 30 days)

Guerrilla Marketing ... many marketing strategies at low costs
New Rules for Marketing and PR ... the influence of social media and how to use it
Buzz Marketing ... create a buzz about what you do, and how you do it
Get Noticed ... do it in a way so others see it too
Book Yourself Solid ... how to create your own referral network, the wave of today

Bonus books for your resource library and personal enrichment.

Word of Mouth Marketing ... the tools for creating conversations about what you do
Duct Tape Marketing ...  make your whole business about marketing
It's Not What you Sell ... people buy you, not products
Ultimate Sales Tool Kit ... how to use the Sandler system in selling
Sales Masters ... short lessons from the greats, their concepts for selling
Made to Stick ... ways to make your message lock in and stay

3. Personal Dynamics that drive business (next 30 days).
Getting Things Done ... most used time management principles
18 Minutes ... being effective in priorities
How to Click with People ... the skills to click with different kinds of people
Exceptional Presenter ... how to mold presentation skills
Influencer ... influencing others is a skill, this explains how

Bonus books for your resource library and personal enrichment.

Talent is Overrated ... what we do that gets results
Tell to Win ... explaining skills
Speak to Win ... speaking skill development
Power of Wow ... how to be effective in all communication
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect ... it's the connecting that wins in the end
Think and Grow Rich ..the business classic we all need to read

The Spiritual Empowerment process
The most important part is the Spiritual Empowerment Process we will develop and refine to an Acts-level power.  
We will study the principles behind the body of Christ in the New Testament and put these principles to work.
The Christian classics have outstanding teachings on prayer. We will review these and put them to work to make our being, a Christ-Powered being.
Along with this, we will set up a disciplined, structured Bible Study plan following Jesus Teachings, The Apostles, Psalms and Prophets.
And most of all partner with someone doing the same which is the ignitor of exceptional Spiritual power. Where two or three agree, it will be done. How to make this principle work exceptionally for you.

The Spirit Savvy Missionary Entrepreneur Acceleration plan... 90 days for renewed business breakthrough power.

What you get... for how much.

1.  5 great best selling biz book summaries per month emailed to you... saving you hours in reading.
2.  Teachings on making prayer work, Spiritual Intelligence, how relationships work in power. These will be emailed to you.
3.  Personalized weekly meetings to review information, discuss applications, set action steps based on content take-a-ways.
4.  Between meetings you do the agreed actions, based on what you learn and applying them.
5.  The Power of Spirit is put in motion...
you + me + God's Spirit = breakthrough power

Plus, 15 extra book summary bonuses over the 90-day commitment.
Spiritual Power will be woven in with best biz principles that will penetrate any ceiling you face in your pursuits.


The Investment:
Very small in comparison to the rewards in Heaven this will bring, as you bring the
Kingdom of Heaven to earth as it is in Heaven.  The Rewards are literally out-of-this-world.

All this for only a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the extent of involvement.

Prepared mentally, Empowered Spiritually to be a God’s Five-Star General of the Armies of Heaven to Advance God’s Kingdom in the marketplace. Equipped as the overseer of a special team of marketplace missionaries skilled in advancing the Kingdom of Heaven in communities and cities.

Spirit Savvy Missionary Entrepreneur Accelerator

Contact Dale Shumaker to discuss how this will work and assist your efforts to be
the Missionary Entrepreneur Accelerator for the Kingdom of God.

Join the Spirit Savvy Network.

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Featured book summary content

The Spiritual empowerment process.

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