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The blog Jesus is Us features teachings and principles on prayer.
It includes frequent posts of chapters from the classic Christian books on prayer
by great prayer warriors of the past.
One textbook on prayer which may be one of the greatest guidebooks on prayer is
With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray.

Jesus is Us ... featuring summaries of the Christian Classics on Prayer

Over the last decade, The Spirit Savvy Business has posted hundreds of
Best Selling Business books on its blog.
Each post has a great business book summarized, along with Spiritual insights.
The Spirit of God must be One with all the methods we use in the life and business.

New blogs are posted monthly at.
The Spirit Savvy Business

How does the Body of Christ function in power? In August, 2011, the
Spirit Savvy Network blog posted an eleven - part series on where the
Power is in the Body of Christ, a summary of The Body of Christ by
Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft.
The Body of Christ in Power

Great teachings on prayer at the Christian Classic Ethereal Library.
The one book on prayer that will change your life is:
With Christ in the School of Prayer

Works of E. M. Bounds on prayer
E. M. Bounds' books on prayer


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