Through prayer we discover a mission, and many times in prayer groups
while praying the Holy Spirit impresses on us a mission for the group.
Mission is really a group, 2 or 3, effort.
Seek prayer partners for this process... and God's call and assignments
for you will become definite and clear.

The Spirit Savvy Network would like to partner with you in this discovery,
then work along side you to refine it, find your gifts that support it, and
empower you for it.

To do this, we found this process accomplishes it. With a partner, if you follow this
process you will see your mission come about. 


The Ingredients and Method to Find Your Magnificent Mission
Inspired Mission Discovery ... Spirit empowering process.

The inspired mission God has for you is discovered and empowered through His Spirit, that dwells in the Believer. What's the origin of all things and how God manufactures them.

It all Starts in Prayer,
Develops through Prayer,
and Continues through Prayer.

In the New Testament they always teamed up... 2 or 3 together going somewhere or doing something. They met in homes, journeyed together, went on mission efforts in teams.

Each lived and mastered personal discipline.
They inundated themselves with God's Word, Jesus' and the disciples' teachings along with the teachings of the prophets. They had a very disciplined prayer life. They continually thought about and reflected on God's Word, shared It with others, and lived it out through the Spirit. A life in Spirit directed them.

They connected in prayer.

They met frequently to pray and share what the Spirit was instructing them as well as their insights to the Scriptures. They would worship in songs and sharing with each other. In constant communication with each other, and in communion with each other and the Holy Spirit, they shared all things, their Spiritual gifts, insights.

So their routine was
Prayer... worship... the Scriptures
and listening to what God was speaking to them.

They followed a process... which initiated Inspired thought, action; a Spirit-led lifestyle was a continual part of them.

  Follow an Inspired Process

While in prayer

A mission was revealed and purpose for their lives was established.

In prayer

They learned the details and specifics to their mission, and ideas were born.

In prayer

They received gifts of the Holy Spirit to Supernatural results for accomplishing their mission.

In prayer

As they met together, the power of agreement manifested, they grew in relationship and they saw expressions of Power. This happens when Believers unite in prayer and a Spirit of being one is birthed, all of the Greatness of Jesus is now part of this group.

In prayer
Strategies are presented
by the Spirit. Divine Intelligence is received, cooperate action is designed around the gifts of the prayer team, while being orchestrated by the Spirit. They function like a well-conducted orchestra, many diverse parts and gifts synchronized in harmony as one beauty sound.

In prayer
Boldness and courage came
over them. They took bold actions as directed by the Spirit bringing to completion the strategies given by the Spirit of God. Gifts of the Spirit are manifested and become self evident. Miracles happen, love abounds.

In prayer
We stay saturated by the Spirit as God directs us in all of our efforts. The Kingdom of God is birthed... functional, beautifully attractive.

It all happens in prayer through all phases of activity, as God directs and empowers, and fills everyone with His Love, living a life of satisfaction unmatched by anything else.

In short, it looks much like this...
each part preceded with prayer... unceasingly interacting with God's Spirit.

Pray it
... two or three united in prayer ... vision emerges
Find it
... idea discovery ... the mission
Expand it
... align gifts to accomplish mission ... gift discovery
Empower it
... back to prayer for God's empowering (mini-Pentecosts) ... Holy Spirit Endowment
Mobilize it
... proclaim and do it ... strategic directions emerge
Fulfill it
... coordinate actions ... enact systems and processes

“Prayer is the first thing
, the second thing, and the third thing necessary for seeing the Mightiness of God. Pray, then, my dear friends, pray, pray, pray.” (Edward Payson)

"When God has something very great to accomplish, it is His will that what should precede it is the extraordinary prayers of His people." (Jonathan Edwards)

The Spirit Savvy Network will help you

Please contact me personally, and I can help you get started.

Dale Shumaker


What does it cost?
This service is free, contact us and we will show you how to get there.
(It is our hope you earnestly pursue this. We have a process that we feel will
help you find and develop this. We do this without a required fee, and it is free,
but we would only ask that you consider contributing to the Spirit Savvy Network
if possible, but not required. We do this by faith, that God provides according to
His Riches and not man's. God Bless you and for His Kingdom.)

The Ingredients and Method to find your mission


Follow an Inspired Process


The Spirit Savvy Network will help you




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