Building Missionaries in the marketplace with skills to support their efforts. You learn business and enterprise skills while building the mission God has for you.

This is the New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur Distinction... sharpening your Spiritual skills, while teaching the business processes you'll need to know.

You learn while doing, while developing your ability to make the money to support your immediate needs as you expand your cause and mission.


How is this done?
We will start small, build steadily and develop solid entrepreneur skills,
plus learn how God interacts in our lives to accomplish His purposes through us.
As these ingredients are worked into our lives, it empowers us to contribute much more to each other.

You will learn from the best business-building minds in the country on how they create revenue. Each month, from strategically selected books, a course is created for you to follow, with short-to-the-point lessons. Then you fulfill the action steps we created.
In a year, you will have become proficient as a street-smart, newly-empowered Spirit Savvy entrepreneur, a Spirit Savvy Missionary to complete your mission and fund it yourself.

While building Spirit-Powered entrepreneur skills, you'll will be endowed with God’s Spirit and living out an advanced Spiritual skill set, making money as you go and advancing the Inspired mission God has earmarked for you.

The whole objective is to make the principles of the Bible and the Spirit of God
to be a normal function of our lifestyles... while using acceptable, practical business
strategies to stimulate our own income to support our efforts.

The New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur... on a mission to build the Kingdom of God in the marketplace by being planted in the marketplace. "A trend-setting entrepreneur powered by a Spiritual mind."
The New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur


The Process we will follow.
Using the power of synergy and Spiritually dynamic principles, the New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur system is a process that activates the ingredients that establish a self-feeding economy. You will be empowered to be a missionary to build the Kingdom of God on earth as you are gifted and called to do.
Here's what you will do.

Read the Business Principle capsules.
1. With the Best Business book principles condensed for rapid retention, you develop the skills for building a noble enterprise. Each business book summary has a Spiritual application with it.

Take Action
2. Each month along with the business book summaries and Spiritual principles from the Bible, you will get a simple, easy-to-apply action plan outline.

Partner with a like-minded person.
3. This is the most potent ingredient. Jesus said that when two or three agree, a greater force goes to work. The selection of the right person, a person you click with, is crucial for accomplishing your objectives.

Boost with Spiritual Power
4. Spiritual principles applied by two people on a mission pushes the actions into another level. Pleasant surprises happen, and more is accomplished. This includes how to pray, and how to apply and study the Bible so it works in your business life and all aspects of your personal life.

Report to Track
5. At the end of each month, you report to your Spirit Savvy mentor what you have done and what has happened. We pray for you, and have others who pray for you. This report is also your Flight Plan manual of what God is directing you to do, along with Inspired insights you will enact.

This is a Spiritual-Power Driven process that feeds itself with renewable fuel to accomplish great feats.

Simply put...
the New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur is a Spiritually-driven business development recipe.

1. Best biz principles emailed monthly in summary form, with Biblical and Spiritual principles.

2. Action planning system for your New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur Builder Guidebook,keeping you on target, gaining ground and Spiritual power.

3. Collaborating with another person to expand mental and Spiritual Power.

4. Applying Spiritual skills in prayer and Spiritual principles enactment from the Bible.

5. Reporting for tracking, accountability, and prayer power from others supporting you with Spiritual power.


The New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur


The Content for the Training Program
A year to being a trend-setting New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur developed one month at a time. (Although, we ask you to commit to six months at a time.) In the first year you will create a solid Spiritual foundation for being a Spiritually empowered missionary entrepreneur equipped for building the kingdom of God in the marketplace, with the ability to master entrepreneur skills.


Monthly, you will have delivered by email the lessons and guidelines to study and apply. You will create your plan, take regular action and build Spiritual power. The following are all business best-sellers, each including the exclusive Spirit Savvy Business Spiritual insights.

(Note the following all have Spiritual Principles of Jesus, the prophets and apostles in the Bible. And we can adjust the subject and content according to your needs. The Spirit Savvy Business blog has over 180 bestselling business book titles, along with outstanding teachings from the Scriptures that empower the Body of Christ.)


Month 1
Build your Flight Plan, enlist your power partner.
As a signup bonus, you will receive the Recession Proofing and Power Launching series:

Think and Grow Rich... the classic featuring success principles of the greatest biz people
Success with a Positive Mental Attitude... the Great Depression recovery principles
How to Win Friends and Influence People... the greatest people book of all time.
The Greatest Miracle in the World... the heart of resourceful lifestyle.
Again, each has Spiritual Principles of God’s Word packed with them.

Two Options: (Pick the one that fits you best.)

1. Finding and getting a business concept rolling
To get your cash flowing quickly, the cash flow process will be followed from
Putting Cash in Your Pocket... with prayer, partnering, and good income-producing strategies, you will start to generate revenue and build a continuous cash flow system.

2. Igniting an existing business concept, and fine tuning it so you can develop God’s mission for you. The Big Idea is more business savvy and for those wanting to eventually launch, or re-invigorate a business concept.

Pick one or the other to start, whichever reflects your interests. You will receive both for your use but note the emphasis that best meets your objectives. Each month, you will receive each of the mentioned for that month’s lesson.

The Network Marketing Missionary Entrepreneur

The Spirit Savvy Missionary Entrepreneur also has a 6-month version for those in a network marketing business. (By request, we can email that outline to you. So email or phone.)


Month 2
Now... Build a Great Business. This book by Brian Tracy has a strong emphasis in marketing (for option 2)
Cash in a Flash... how to build new, steady cash flow in 90 days, featuring mental processes and attitudes that influence business development. (For option 1)
The Ultimate Sales Tool Kit.... the sales skills must be learned early.

Month 3
Start Your Own Business has a focus on more of the technical side of business development. This book is compiled and published by Entrepreneur magazine. (Mainly for 2.)
Rules for Renegades is characteristic of the entrepreneur mind and how an income idea is developed and expanded. Lots of resources on her website.
The Truth about You... discover your novel gifts

Month 4
Awaken the Entrepreneur Within.. where your strengths as an entrepreneur reside.
Cash Machine for Life lays out the processes for creating a business system.
Guerrilla Marketing... practical marketing, on small budgets.

Month 5
The Most Successful Small Business.. ten principles of great entrepreneurs
Watch Your Back... building relationship networks for solid growth.

Month 6
Peaks and Valleys... skills to maneuver through ups and downs of life.
Book Yourself Solid.. the art of getting referrals.

Month 7
Getting Organized in the Google Era... using advances in technology to be organized with less stress and effort.
New Rules for Marketing and PR... Internet and social media strategies.

Month 8
How the Mighty Fall... what not to do that eventually sabotages success
Word of Mouth Marketing... stir a buzz about what you do.

Month 9
Speak to Win... develop speaking skills
The Power of WOW... art of persuading, conversation, communication, writing skills.

Month 10
E-Myth Mastery.. advancing entrepreneur skills for better business growth.
Life Entrepreneurs... living the entrepreneurial lifestyle that breeds vision and
raises the quality of society. Create your New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur vision.

Month 11
Get Noticed... getting people to notice what you are doing.
Make Today Count... master daily accomplishment

Month 12
Three Feet from Gold... vision persevering
e-Riches... money making potential on the Internet.


The Second Phase to build a well developed income system
This is an in depth, comprehensive development process for a business venture.
How to build a well developed business.

1. From E-Myth Mastery, create a comprehensive, more detailed business plan.
Establish foundations for greater growth. Continue personal growth with selective business book summaries.

2 Refine prayer, and Bible study. Learn how to lead others into being a positive
Spiritual, life-change force in society and be a life transformational leader.

3. Creating community of action cells, other economic units and advancing the
Kingdom of God in the marketplace in Power, as you continue the advance to
greater heights.

Business skills with Spiritual skills adding the accelerating force of agreement partnering is the New Breed Entrepreneur's performance edge in the world.

The New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur...


Advancing Spiritual Power

The core … The Most Important part of The New Breed Missionary Entrepreneur

The Spiritual being must be advanced more than the personal business skills. Jesus, the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.

Our focus is to establish a Spiritual Foundation that builds a Spiritual enterprise.
The Apostle Paul said that we are to be transformed by the Renewing of the Mind.
Over the year, beginning with the 6-month plan, a Spiritual transformation track will be deployed.

A deliberate process is followed to transform you to be a God-directed, Spiritually-empowered person.

Each month, the Spiritual process includes:
1. Prayer... how to live interactively with God's Spirit. The Spirit that created everything, now continues to create. Master prayer, the time you spend in communication and communion.

2. Bible study... rediscovering Spiritual principles and replacing man's ways of doing and thinking with God's ways. Learning His Way of doing things. Higher order of things, His distinctive unmatchable power, and ways of doing and thinking.

3. Relationship Power... significance of Spirit-Powered relationships and enacting their strength to accomplish Great Feats in building the Kingdom on earth as in Heaven. Bringing heaven to earth.

To get this in motion, each month you'll receive
1. A lesson on prayer, how to pray using Scriptures and Christian Classics on Prayer power.

2. We'll study Romans 12, the Beatitudes (Matthew 5, 6 ,7) and John 14-17 over the year, plus others. The goal is to have the Spiritual principles of the Bible a life-based, living character in us that is as natural as breathing. That we genuinely walk with power. Also we will develop and refine our Spiritual skills of hearing God's voice and acquiring Divinely inspired Spiritual intelligence.

3. We will be trained in the New Testament model on how we are to function as a unit, one in God's Spirit. The Bible says we are to be endowed with the Holy Spirit and walk in His Power. This will be expressed in our relationships, the gifts we acquire, a passion and love for people, walking in His Power and living with a sense of loyal community to each other.

And an exclusive feature of the Spirit Savvy Network is a teaching series on the Body of Christ which brings to us the community and lifestyle model of the New Testament believers. The teaching series, on the Body of Christ by the late Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft, a Christian college president, will be applied.


The Fee Schedule for Plan A, Plan B or a customized plan.
You sign up for a 6-month series, and do it in two sections over the year.

Plan A
Receive the content each month for 6 months.
Email access for questions to the Spirit Savvy Missionary Entrepreneur
Only $20/month.

Plan B
Enlist two or more partners
Receive the content each month for 6 months.
Monthly phone conferences with your team.
Phone and email contact for question with The Spirit Savvy Mission Entrepreneur mentor/ your personal facilitator.

Only $20 per month per person in a group of at least three or more.
We invite you contact us first, with no obligation, and we can explain the details to you, and learn more about your interests.


Additional consulting sessions are $60 per 50-minute session.
For example, Plan A can have a private consulting session per month for $60 more.
Plan B, has one consulting session per month as part of the plan, but can
add another session(s) at the rate of $60 per 50-minute session.


For more information, please contact us
We can answer questions and provide greater insight.
We can also create a plan for your specific interests.

Dale Shumaker

"Get in touch, I can mold a plan that fits you."


How is this done?


The process we will follow.


The content for the training program.


The second phase.


The Spiritual process.


The fee schedule.


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