What is Prayer?
Why is it so powerful?
How can you live in its power?

God created the universe through His Spirit.
What was intangible, without shape or substance
was made tangible with an automated functional system.

God make His Spirit available to us through Jesus the Christ
who presented the Spirit to man so we all can live with the Holy Spirit
of God within us... to empower and guide us.

With this, we now can do all things as Jesus demonstrated and God intended.

So the invisible created all that is tangible, operating systems of biology, physics we now see
and live by. Through this Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all things are created,
and continue to be created.

The Good News is we can tap into this. We can live empowered by this unmatchable Power.
The challenge is how.

So what is prayer and why is it so powerful?

It starts with what we call prayer. Prayer is our communication, communion with the all-Powerful
force of the universe, substance and what moves people.
So now we have this Spirit, which lives in us, if we receive it and follow its principles, we
have all its power too. We have the power to create, to heal, to restore, to build, to bond
and relate, and live exceptionally fulfilled while advancing our mission in life.

How do we develop this skill of prayer to do all things?

The blog Jesus is Us features teachings and principles on prayer.
It includes frequent posts of chapters from the classic Christian books on prayer
by great prayer warriors of the past.

One textbook on prayer which may be one of the greatest guidebooks on prayer is
With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray.

Jesus is Us ... featuring summaries of the Christian Classics on Prayer

The Spirit Savvy Network will help you create Power in Praying lifestyle.

The Spirit Savvy Network will help you in a course to follow to learn to be
great in prayer. Contact me personally, and I will help you.

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We can help you set up a prayer plan for your prayer group, start a prayer
group at home or work, or prayer partner with someone.

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What is prayer?


How to develop the skill of prayer.


The Spirit Savvy Network will help you.




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