How to Create Income Quickly

Do what these great books tell you. And you can ... within the next 30 days!
You can get started right now... with just a pencil and notebook.

Just do this:

-Read the links to the summaries below.
-Make an outline of your plan in a notebook.
-Take action.
-Add a prayer partner.

The authors' websites are linked to each summary.
Go to their websites and get a lot of invaluable money-making strategies.
Buy the book that resonates most with where you are now.
Put it to work, and it will work for you.

Start Now with:
Put More Cash in Your Pocket

Cash in a Flash

Advance to:
Rules for Renegades

Creating a Cash Machine for Life

Master the process:
Now Build a Great Business

The Big Idea

Just start with the first two books...
follow their steps and have a prayer and idea sharing partner.
The key is to start with the first two books above right away,
and then move to the next two books the second month.
Enlist a prayer partner to acquire God's Power
and someone to stay accountable to. Take action daily.

Need a Prayer Partner... ? 
Why is having a prayer partner so important?
Contact us and we will help.

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